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About Us

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About International Partnerships

International Partnerships at the University of Kent was established in 2016.

Kent seeks to enhance and develop its range of partnerships in accordance with the University’s Internationalisation Strategy 2019-2025.

International Partnerships sits within the Engagement Directorate and is responsible for increasing the University’s global presence, profile and esteem by driving forward the development of a range of international partnership activity, encompassing student and staff mobility, visiting faculty, dual awards and articulation arrangements. 

International Partnerships is led by Hannah McNorton, and is based in the Registry extension building at the Canterbury campus. 

Our responsibilities include:

  • Managing partnerships with institutions worldwide
  • Cultivating major and multi-lateral strategic partnerships for cross-institutional engagement
  • Managing student mobility through Study Abroad and/or Erasmus exchange arrangements
  • Facilitating staff training and teaching mobility to Erasmus partner universities or other organisations around the world
  • Enhancing engagement with funding opportunities to support international training, capacity building and innovation projects
  • Supporting Divisions and Professional Service Departments in their international partnership endeavours

Our team

International Partnerships at Kent is formed of staff with in-depth experience of managing international collaborations and mobility programmes. 

With regional expertise built up from working on many varied and complex projects over the years, the team is always ready to help navigate the world of international connections. Within International Partnerships, dedicated Go Abroad staff are responsible for managing incoming and outgoing student exchange. Having studied abroad themselves, they approach their role with a huge amount of enthusiasm and are always ready to offer a friendly ear!

Who we work with

International Partnerships works closely with the University's Divisions and Professional Services Departments. 


Our Strategy

International Partnerships supports the University in realising its strategic objectives through enhancing and deepening international partnerships with institutions that share Kent's founding principles and values

Internationalisation Strategy Strategy Objectives

Main strategic objectives

In order to develop and draw on Kent’s global and European partnerships networks and alumni groups, we will:

  • Support and incentivise international collaborations and networks through continued engagement with international education and funding organisations  
  • Expand the number of programmes that offer opportunities for a year abroad through designing a flexible international mobility experience which is fit for a changing student demographic  
  • Continue to facilitate international partnerships with high calibre institutions who share our values and ethos, focusing on partnerships in regions of strategic institutional focus  
  • Prioritise international relationships which lead to the establishment of multi-lateral strategic partnerships for cross- institutional engagement  
  • Ensure our approach to international partnerships remains agile in a shifting national and international political landscape   

International strategic activity

International Partnerships strategy objectives form part of the renewed approach to Kent's international strategic activity from 2019-2025.   

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