All the academic modules on the short-term programmes are offered on Kent’s degree courses. Kent degrees divide into stages, where Stage 1 (Level 4) equates to the first year of full-time undergraduate study, Stage 2 (Level 5) to the second year and Stage 3 (Level 6) to the third year.


The University issues formal transcripts of the work you complete at Kent. These credits can be used towards your degree, with the approval of your home university. To ensure that you can transfer credits, please check your selection of modules with your home university.

Undergraduate modules are normally worth 15 Kent credits or 30 Kent credits, so a student would take two, three or four modules in one term.

Postgraduate modules are usually worth 20 Kent credits.

American credit system

Fifteen credits at Kent equals four credit hours under the American credit system and involves roughly the same amount of work.

If you are studying at Kent for a full academic year or for the full-year JYA English PLUS programme, you take modules worth 120 credits. This usually equals 32 credit hours. If you are taking a Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or part-year JYA English PLUS programme, you take modules worth 60 credits, which equate to 16 credit hours under the American credit system.

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Kent is part of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) which guarantees academic recognition of studies throughout universities and colleges across Europe. Modules at Kent have their own credit values and also carry an ECTS credit weighting.

KentECTSUS credit honours

You will take modules worth 60 Kent credits (30 ECTS) in one teaching term. If you will come to Kent for the Autumn & Spring Terms, or for the full year, you will take 120 Kent credits (60 ECTS) in total. 

Students taking part in ECTS receive full credit for all academic work successfully carried out at an ECTS partner institution, and you can transfer these credits from one institution to another. The transcript you get from Kent includes ECTS grades.

Choosing your modules

The modules taught at Kent can all be found within our online module catalogue. Consulting the catalogue allows you to plan your studies and choose modules that are suitable for your academic experience and interests. 

The following steps give you a guide on how to use the catalogue to search for the modules that suit you the best.

Exchange partners

Kent has exchange agreements with many universities around the world. If you come to Kent under one of these agreements, you are an exchange student and continue to pay your fees to your home university.

Please check with your home institution whether there are already student exchange agreements with us in place.

If Kent does not have an exchange agreement with your university you can apply as a short-term student and pay tuition fees directly to Kent.

Teaching and assessment

At Kent, all of our academic schools produce world-class research and our teaching is designed to put you in touch with the latest ideas, no matter what subject you are studying. One of the exciting things about studying at Kent is the way in which you are encouraged to express your own views and develop your own academic skills.


As well as attending lectures, you also take part in seminars (small groups that encourage informal discussion). Teaching may also include workshops or guided research.

Other teaching options include;

  • Science and technical subjects; You spend time in laboratory sessions and practical classes.
  • Language students; Take conversation classes and have language laboratory sessions.
  • Some subjects include specialist teaching needed for that subject, eg Architecture, Film Studies, Art History.


Assessment is usually by a combination of coursework and examination, the exact ratio depending on the subject you take, and your period of study. You can view the method of assessment for particular modules via our online module catalogue.

All examinations take place in the Summer Term.

If your registration ends in December or April, you will not be present for the exam period. If you choose a module which has an exam, the Division may be able to set an extra piece of coursework in lieu of the exam. Please note this option is not available for all modules. The Study Abroad Team will advise you about this.

If your registration ends in June, you are required to sit any examinations for your modules. An alternative form of assessment is not offered. 

Please check the assessment for your chosen modules before applying, so that you can apply for the correct terms.

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