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Student Support & Wellbeing teams run various awareness raising initiatives, workshops and events throughout the academic year. For more information on past and forthcoming events, please see the menu below.

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Need to de-stress? Come along to some EarthMind workshops – running each day from 17th to  20th June; see below for more details.
You can attend all four workshops or pick and choose the ones for you! CLICK HERE to reserve your free place  

For all workshops please meet in Keynes Atrium at 9.45am to walk to the Community Oasis Garden and start at 10am There will be a lunch break at 1pm, please bring a packed lunch or some cash to buy something (Woodys is the nearest food outlet to the Oasis Community Garden & there is also Park Wood Shop).

Day One 17th June 10am - 4pm
Intro to EarthMind: Your Explorer’s Kit.
In the first workshop you’ll discover the basics for exploring nature, both inner and outer. The “explorers kit” includes all you need for embarking on a journey of self-discovery, such as maps of your inner territory (such as Wild Mind, a nature-based map of the human psyche), tools for emotional  awareness and for self -regulation (HeartMath and meditation). We’ll also look at ways of cultivating connection and kinship both with your own internal community and the larger community of friends, family, and the more-than-human world. Armed with these tools, you will feel more supported in improving your mental health and transforming stress into resilience. 

Day Two 18th June 10am - 4pm
EarthMind: Encounter with nature, inner and outer.

In this second EarthMind workshop we will begin an encounter of the different aspects of our four-fold Self - parts of yourself that have developed, largely in childhood, to protect you and get your needs met. However, sometimes their strategies are no longer adaptive and often result in increased suffering and self-sabotage as you encounter life’s challenges. Learning how to resolve the tensions and conflicts between the different parts of ourselves brings us into greater wholeness. This new harmony expands beyond us in your engagement with others.  With Wild Mind, a nature-based map of the human psyche, in hand you will begin a life-long journey of self-exploration, and have the opportunity to meet the North, South, East or West facet of your Self in search of the guidance, wisdom, strength, and support you wish to cultivate in your life. 

Day Three 19th June 10am - 4pm

Are you stretched between paradoxical masculine roles and expectations? Who would you be if you could be free from the restrictive and often contradictory influences, obligations, and expectations that come with being a modern man? These tensions, created by the many paradoxes, for example between male biology and culturally defined forms of masculinity, can empower a creative and collaborative expression of your authentic masculinity in service to people, planet and self. Join us in exploring the wild territory of masculinity with a supportive circle of fellow men. You will learn nature-based practice for self-inquiry, and learns skills for emotional self-regulation and stress-management as well as "coherent communications."

Day Four 20th June 10am - 4pm
Herbal Medicine for Holistic Health and Wellness
Ever experience stress, fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, digestive discomfort, chronic pain...? 
Nature is the greatest healer, and can be the primary health care for body, emotions, mind,  and soul. In this workshop you will learn natural approaches to self-care for both mind and body. We will explore the basic principles of herbal medicine and do some hands-on exercises such as encountering plants, tasting plant medicines and observing their effect on your body-mind, wild-crafting and preparing your own herbs. You will learn strategies, including herbal medicine, supplements and nutrition for basic self-care to improve issues such as stress, insomnia, anxiety, digestive problems, etc. We will also learn HeartMath and nature-based practices for emotional self-regulation and stress-management.
CLICK HERE to reserve your free place  

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