University of Kent students can access free, 24/7 online mental health and wellbeing support via Togetherall.

What is Togetherall?

Togetherall is a Care Quality Commission registered service recognised nationally through awards by the NHS and is a safe environment overseen by qualified therapists.

Student Support and Wellbeing provide free access to Togetherall for Kent students.

Togetherall offers:

  • Peer talk therapies where members initiate or join forums on topics from depression and anxiety to relationship issues, work stress, abuse, self-harm and eating disorders.
  • Peer support and networks where students make ‘friends’ to create a support network as a reference group, source of motivation and a way to improve self-awareness.
  • Creative therapies such as art and writing where members express themselves are posted to Togetherall where they can choose to share and discuss the underlying ‘story’.
  • Brief counselling providing immediate 24/7 support from Guides who are trained counsellors.
  • 24/7 guided groups that are based in therapeutic approaches such as interpersonal therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy.

How to access Togetherall

To access this service:

  • Click on the Togetherall link 
  • Sign up using your Kent email address, but do not use your Kent account password. (Read Togetherall's privacy policy for more information.)
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