Assortment of programmes in the Local Theatres Programme Collection, University of Kent. All rights reserved.
Jack Reading's programme collection was the basis for this collection of over 5,000 items. His material runs from 1927 to 1988. The collection also includes material from the Boucicault Collections, the Melville Collection, and the Dickens Collection. It has been augmented by donations from Michael Daw, Joanne Buck, Patrick Waters and Mr. Jarman.

The collection, which really brings together programmes from the majority of our other theatre collections, is largely catalogued, but work on some areas is still outstanding, most notably the programmes from the actress Derry Dinkin, some of the Joanne Buck Collection and some from Mr. Jarman's collection.

The programmes themselves are stored in archival standard plastic envelopes. Where possible they are stored opened out at the cast list, so that as much information, relevant to the researcher can be viewed without removing the programme from its cover, to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Cataloguing of this collection was carried out as part of the "BackStage" project being funded by RSLP (Research Support Libraries Programme).

Collection in brief

Contents: theatre programmes
Period: 18th-20th century

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