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Use the University of Kent WiFi service eduroam if you have a Kent IT Account or are visiting from an eduroam institution:

Set up eduroam, University WiFi

WiFi Guest is public WiFi for Canterbury/Medway visitors without a Kent IT Account.

Set up eduroam

You should get WiFi-ready before you arrive on campus (there's no need to be in range of the eduroam signal):

Your WiFi username

  • You'll need to enter your Kent IT Account username followed by
  • eduroam visitors: enter your home institution username.


eduroam coverage on campus

Pick up the eduroam signal in all buildings including Canterbury bedrooms, and some areas outside. Medway, Tonbridge and Brussels offer eduroam too.

Connecting to WiFi Guest instead?

If you've set up eduroam but your device is automatically connecting to WiFi Guest, follow these steps to make eduroam your default network for a better service.

Travel with eduroam

UK and international coverage

Find out whether eduroam is available in the city or institution you're travelling to:

If the place you're visiting has eduroam, your WiFi connection should work automatically when you pick up the signal. If not, ask for help as their local settings may be slightly different from ours at Kent.

eduroam visitors to Kent

You should be able to pick up the signal and log in with your home institution details.

Some additional setup may be needed: you may need to edit your connection settings to set the Security type to WPA2-Enterprise and the Encryption type to AES.

Other visitors

You will need a Kent IT Account to connect to eduroam.

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Last Updated: 08/02/2017