Read and Publish journal search

The journals listed here are included in the Library’s Read and Publish agreements. These journals allow you to publish your articles Open Access without requiring further payment to the publisher. You don't have to apply separately for an APC.

How to search

There a different ways to search for a journal that is covered by our read and publish agreements:

  • Enter a journal title in the search box below
  • Click on the arrows at the top of the table to sort alphabetically by journal title or publisher
  • Use keywords to browse by subject.

Once you've found the journal, click on the read and publish agreement link for further details and instructions.

About the journal search

The entries within this Journal search tool were last updated on 10th January 2024.  Agreements are renewed annually in January and publishers may alter the titles included during the agreement period.

A few agreements have been cancelled where use has been low. The affected titles have been removed from the journal search.

Some Read and Publish agreements have reached the end of their subscription period and require re-negotiation between Jisc and the publishers to create new deals. This will prolong the process and delay our team receiving a definitive list of journal titles that are included in the agreements.

Consequently, the journal search tool may not be fully updated until later in the year.

Please contact the IS Open Research team  with any enquiries about journal titles or agreements.