Tracking the dissemination of your research

Track the dissemination of your research to see which routes reach which audiences, and to evidence the reach of your work.

There are a number of ways you can measure the reach of your work and the effectiveness of your dissemination. Here are some tools and tips.

Share a single link to your research. This allows you to track all of the download, citation ad interest data in one place.

For your single link you have a number of options, for example:

A DOI is a unique, interoperable and persistent identifier assigned to most journal articles, conference papers and books available on the internet. A DOI is made up of letters and/or numbers, for example:

  • 10.22024/UniKent/01.01.52

Each DOI is linked with some basic bibliographic information or metadata about the work, including its URL. So when the DOI is formatted as a URL it gives you the persistent link to share for your research output, for example:


Kudos is a tool that tracks dissemination. Use Kudos to claim your research outputs and annotate them for multiple audiences.

By adding a publication to Kudos, you can add a lay summary, and author perspective.

Once added, a publication has a link you can share through mailing lists, emails, letters, social media, websites and more. It will track the dissemination so you can see which routes generate the most interest and downloads. This can then help inform your dissemination in the future.

Metrics Toolkit

You can use a wide range of metrics to responsibly measure different aspects of your research reach and engagement.  

Use the Metrics Toolkit to:

  • find out what a metric means, how they are calculated, and about different measurement options. 
  • get guidance on demonstrating and evaluating the impact of your research.


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