Choosing where to share your research

Reaching specific audiences for your research

The University of Kent has a large network of specialist contacts. Work with the experts that co-ordinate these networks to harness these relationships to further the reach of your research.

Business and partnerships

The University of Kent works with external organisations to share and develop new ideas, technologies, knowledge and competitive advantage Click the button below to get support to work with industry and creative partnerships, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, intellectual property licensing, consultancy and research collaboration with commercial benefits.

Local schools and colleges

Widen participation by working with schools and colleges where your research outputs include curriculum materials, subject or specialist days for colleges and prospective students. Use the button below to email the Outreach Team for expert support.

Mailing lists

Mailing lists provide an easy sharing route for shorter interest pieces, which may lead to further collaboration or research output development, but can create a large volume of email. Ask your colleagues for key research group, special interest group, and practioner mailing list recommendations. Use the button below , if there isn't a suitable mailing list, to request a new one at Kent.

Get your research into Parliament

The can be many benefits to sharing your research with Parliament.

Parliament wants to engage with researchers from different career stages, disciplines, institutions and backgrounds. Working with Parliament can benefit researchers to:

  • Support work to scrutinise the Government, legislating, debating important issues and Government spending
  • Shape and change policy
  • Demonstrate their research impact
  • Enhance their  profile and research
  • Develop new research questions and projects
  • Grow your professional network.

Find out more about engaging with Parliament, learn about what interests them, how Parliament uses research, and access training and events to support you.

Get support

Click the button below, to email the Research and Scholarly Communication Support Team, and get advice about reaching specific audiences with your research.

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