Policy on confidentiality of University business

The Senate and the Council have agreed the following Policy in relation to the confidentiality of business within the University.

1. The formal business of the University conducted through Council and Senate and their bodies and Committees is not confidential within the University unless specifically declared to be so by the Chair of the body concerned in order to protect the interests of an individual or those of the University in its relationship with some external body or agency.

Papers relating to such confidential business, including Minutes of its discussion, will be clearly marked as confidential. Such papers and any reports of the discussion of confidential business are not to be communicated outside the membership of the body concerned and the relevant administrative officers.

2. Material which is not declared to be confidential may be freely discussed and circulated within the University but should not be regarded as being for release and discussion outside the University.

3. Some business is defined by Ordinance as being reserved, i.e. it is not open to participation by student members of the body concerned. Reserved business will normally relate to individual members of staff or students and as such is likely to be deemed confidential. However, confidential business is not in itself necessarily reserved.

4. The University is committed to the free and open discussion of academic standards and related matters. No member of staff will be subject to disciplinary sanction for raising such matters for discussion, provided they do so lawfully, without malice and in the public interest. The University's Code of Practice to ensure Freedom of Speech can be found here:

Information about the University's Whistleblowing Policy can be found here:

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Last Updated: 23/11/2020