This page highlights the University of Kent's 2025 strategy and sub-strategies.

Strategy 2025

Our University strategy

We aim to be a community that inspires students from a wide range of backgrounds to find and shape their place in the world, and where academics are free to explore and deepen our understanding of it. 

Access and Participation 2020-2025

We serve an increasingly diverse population of students. This Access and Participation plan highlights the assessment of performance. 

Antiracism strategy

Equality, diversity, inclusion and respect are core values at the University of Kent. Advancing these values has been a key area of development and our EDI work has become increasingly embedded and important to our community.  

Employability Strategy 2022-2026

We are committed to enhancing the employability of our students and graduates, as detailed in our Kent 2025 Vision. Employability is integral to what we do as we prepare our students for their future and this strategy sets out how we will become one of the leading institutions for graduate employability by 2026.

Internationalisation Strategy 2019-2025

At the heart of our strategy is an understanding of the importance of actively embedding and infusing international, or globally-focused values, into the development and realisation of all aspects of Kent’s activity.   

People and Culture Strategy 2022-2025

Kent’s refreshed Institutional Strategy puts its values and its people at the heart of delivering an ambitious range of objectives. It recognises change as a positive dimension of institutional life where it is supported by collegiality, a strong sense of community and common purpose.   

Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2025

Along with Kent Union we aim to ensure that we offer an environment in which students can reach their full potential and that issues of student health and wellbeing are intrinsic to our decision making process.   

Sustainability Strategy

In recent years we have been working hard to reduce the negative impact out our work on the climate and to the environment.  It is time to step up a gear in our level of ambition and action, to strive towards a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. 

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