Microsoft have a range of tools available to help with learning and teaching. The tools are free and available to you via your University of Kent IT account.

You can find the whole range of Microsoft 365 apps by going to and signing in with your Kent IT account.

Below are a few examples of apps that might be useful.

Enhancing Teaching with Microsoft 365

This online guidance is designed for staff and covers the basics of how to use some of these Microsoft 365 tools in your teaching.

Microsoft Teams

An easy way to hold virtual meetings and collaborate with other students and staff.

All taught Modules have a Team, but whether it is used for teaching is up to the Module Convenor. 

Module Convenors, Teachers, Support Staff and Students enrolled on the module are added automatically.

Microsoft Teams for Staff (Guide)

Microsoft Teams for Students (Guide)

Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital whiteboard.

Whiteboards can contain a variety of media such as images, PDF documents and text, all of which can be annotated with digital pens.

Share your Whiteboards to create a flexible and collaborative space!

Microsoft Forms

Easy to create and share, Microsoft Forms can be used to add interactivity to your learning and teaching.

Whether it is a casual poll during a seminar, getting feedback on your teaching, or finding the best time for a meeting, Microsoft Forms is a flexible platform making it easy to gather information.

Microsoft Forms (Guide)

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