Vevox is a polling and Q&A platform that you can use to add interactive elements to engage your students.

The ability to create a new session, create questions and start polling is limited to Staff only. If you are a student, you can still take part by answering polls or posting questions in the Q&A, but you can't create a new session yourself.


With Vevox, you can create polls with question types like multiple choice, and then invite your students to answer these questions. Students answer using their own web-enabled device, such as a mobile phone or laptop.

Your students can also post questions to the Q&A board and other students can upvote the questions they'd like to see answered.

Vevox doesn't have to just be used for teaching though. You can use Vevox as part of your training session, in team meetings or however you see fit.

Getting Started

Before you can start using Vevox, you'll need to create a Session

Once your session is created, you'll be able to setup your Live Polling, Q&A and Surveys.

You have two options for creating a new Session.

Create a session via Moodle

If you want to create a session for use during teaching of a particular module, this is the recommended method. Your session will have the same name as the module, and other staff on the module can join and use the same session.

See the instructions on creating a session via Moodle (PDF).

Create a session via the Vevox dashboard

You can create a new session by accessing the Vevox dashboard.

See the instructions on creating your first session.

Although Vevox has a PowerPoint add-in, which allows you to add polls directly to a PowerPoint presentation, this isn't currently available on the PC's in seminar rooms and lecture theatres. We will update staff when this is available.

Live Polling

There are a wide variety of question types, the polling feature of Vevox is ideal for instant engagement and feedback. You can see the results in real-time as students vote on any web-enabled device such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets.


The Q&A board allows students to type questions and vote on others questions. This way students can prioritise questions they think are most important, and ask questions they may be too shy to ask out loud.


With surveys, you can get feedback on a teaching session or gauge student knowledge on a subject beforehand. Like with Live Polling, there are a variety of question types you can use.

Running your session

When you are ready for your students to start participating, you can Start your session and Invite students to join.

You can choose when to make questions in your live poll available.

Using Present View makes this easy, as you can show joining instructions, start/stop polls and show poll results all in one place.

Once the PowerPoint add-in is available on teaching PC's, you can also run polls directly from a PowerPoint presentation. We will update staff when this functionality becomes available.

Help and support

Vevox have a wide range of help articles on their support website, so it's worth checking if you can find an answer on there.

We ran a training session on the 5th May 2022, a recording of which is available

Another session was run on the 13th September 2022, watch the recording here.

Keep an eye on our News and Events page for future training sessions.

If you are still stuck or having problems accessing Vevox, contact us.

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