Spatial and Interior Design Portfolio Advice

Your portfolio is an important part of the interview and admissions process in the School. It should contain the strongest examples of your work as an artist or designer.

Portfolio advice

Applicants must submit a digital portfolio of their art and design work, highlighting their creativityskillscommitmentinterests, and personality. Your portfolio may encompass a variety of elements, such as a summary of your current interests, sketchesmodelsphotographspaintingsanimationsessays, or any creative work. The emphasis is on showcasing your creative process, illustrating how you approach ideas or subjects, and tracking their development from initial concepts through experimentation and inquiry to completed works; professional outcomes are not expected at this level. A strong sense of spatial awareness and sensitivity to environmental elements is also valued. 

Please remember there is no fixed way to create a portfolio; every portfolio is different. Assessors will evaluate each submission, and if an applicant is selected for an interview, the discussion will primarily revolve around their extended portfolio. Therefore, we recommend starting to plan your portfolio from the moment you decide to apply.

How to submit your portfolio: 

Once we receive your application, we will request your portfolio. Your portfolio should be a single PDF document comprising 20–30 pages and must not exceed 5MB. Our preferred method for receiving your portfolio is via a link, but if you are unable to do so, you can upload your portfolio as a PDF in response to the information request you will receive in your Kent Vision applicant portal. If your file size exceeds 5MB, please email your portfolio to and include your Applicant ID in the subject line. 

Please ensure your portfolio is clearly labelled with your full name, Applicant ID, and the program title (SPIN).

Use the following format: Portfolio_Applicant ID_Firstname_Surname_SPIN.

By submitting the application form, you affirm that the work you have provided is entirely your own. Plagiarism is unacceptable in the academic setting, and students found guilty of plagiarism may face penalties, including dismissal from their program.

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