Architecture Portfolio advice

Your portfolio is an important part of the interview and admissions process in the School. It should contain the strongest examples of your work as an artist or designer.

Portfolio advice - Architecture applicants

As part of your application to the University of Kent, you will be required to submit a portfolio to the  School of Architecture, Design and Planning. A portfolio is a reflective document of who you are as a designer or artist, and the work you have already completed, which can include development work right through to completion of final projects.

The portfolio that you are required to submit as part of your application to the  School of Architecture, Design and Planning will give us an understanding of your creative and presentation skills. As you will not be present to explain your portfolio to the admissions officer, your portfolio should be presented in a clear and coherent format. For example, the portfolio can be ordered chronologically or ordered according to types or styles of work.

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What to include in your Architecture portfolio

We want to see a broad range of examples in your skills and talents, whilst not repeating examples of techniques and styles. We encourage work that demonstrates your understanding of three-dimensional form and your use of mixed media.

We receive applications from students from a variety of backgrounds, having studied a number of different subjects therefore we encourage you to select work that represents your strongest skills. This may include freehand drawings and sketches, paintings, ceramics, textiles, photography, animation etc.

We want you to use these skills to demonstrate your ability to observe, think and create. As part of your portfolio submission, we would like to see:

Observational skills: Can you record a scene realistically? Life drawing, still life drawing, urban/rural landscapes are all excellent examples of demonstrating observational drawing skills.

Artistic, conceptual and creative thinking: Can you demonstrate your design process from the beginning to end of a project?

We also like to see analyses of colour, form and space. Please note that it is essential to demonstrate an aptitude for freehand and/or observational drawing.

We are not interested in seeing portfolios that consist purely of design technology or 3D design work and such submissions may not necessarily meet our requirements.

How to submit your Architecture portfolio

We will request a portfolio from you once your application has come through to us, and if you apply before the UCAS January deadline, you will be given a three week window in which to submit your portfolio. Please provide a link to your portfolio. If you cannot provide a link and need to upload your portfolio as a PDF, then you can upload it in response to the information request you’ll receive in your Kent Vision applicant portal. Please note, for uploads, the file size needs to be 5MB or under. If your file size is over 5MB, please email your portfolio to and include your Applicant ID in the subject line.  

Below are a few good examples of what we like to see in portfolio submissions.

Portfolio examples

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