School of Architecture, Design and Planning offers the latest resources, including modern design studios, dedicated model workshops featuring laser-cutting facilities, a computer studio and labs.

State-of-the-art crit space

The Digital Crit Space provides Kent’s architecture students with one of the finest and most advanced learning environments in the UK. The multifunctional space can be changed into several layouts and divided into eight bays, with multitouch high definition screens recessed in the walls.

Each bay has its own embedded computer, speaker system, microphone and camera for recording seminars and presentations. Students gain invaluable experience of having their projects questioned and scrutinised – in the same way as real work situations.

Exterior shot of Digital Crit Space on the Canterbury Campus

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Computer labs

Our computer labs are used for teaching and enhanced learning for students wishing to explore advanced computer modelling practices. The labs have some of the latest specification hardware for the more demanding work in VR (Virtual Reality). The main teaching lab is also complemented with 10-point touch screens for more interactive presentation techniques.

Architecture Crit Building

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Design and digital studios

All studios are accessible 24/7, allowing students the freedom to work flexibly beyond their teaching timetable. There are also flexible drawing spaces and a model-making room with dedicated storage.

The digital studio is complete with workstations capable of handling advanced computer modelling requests. All workstations offer a large array of software including industry standard packages, Autodesk and Adobe Creative suite, SketchUp Pro, Rhino, and several other architectural design packages.

Our studios have several high-resolution colour scanners, large-format printers and trimmers/cutting mats. Our in-house reprographics service offers enhanced photographic printing and large format scanning. This service is managed by the studio technicians who also offer support throughout the working week. Out-of-hours support is managed via email or our YouTube Tech Channel, available 24/7 with tutorials and self-help guides.

Digital workshop

Our digital workshop enables you to explore our ability to 3D scan, 3D model and 3D print through a digital design based workflow, from initial conception through to completion.

Our 3D scanning capabilities offer the benefits of point cloud data capture, allowing you to achieve a complete survey of designated internal and external spaces. With point cloud manipulation, you are able to share survey data online for collaboration, and complete 2D and 3D digital drafting techniques, by integrating the data as a referenced survey tool.


Exclusively for architecture students, the workshop is primarily used for model-making. Facilities include a bench saw, band saws, disc sanders, Bobbin sander, pillar drill, vacuum former, hot wire cutters, laser cutters, high-speed CNC router and a large fully extracted spray room.

We also have a large selection of power and hand tools, plaster and concrete casting facilities, and evening stone-carving sessions.

Two full-time technicians offering over 50 years’ combined experience in model-making and rapid prototyping are always on hand to guide you. All architecture students also enjoy access to an excellent mechanical workshop specialising in metalwork and electronics, just two minutes’ walk across campus.


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