Self-catered accommodation

Self-catered accommodation is perfect for people that want to provide their own meals, whether that is cooking or occasionally eating out. It gives you options.

Self-catered options in Park Wood

Our student village, Park Wood, offers two types of self-catered accommodation: Park Wood Flats and Park Wood Houses.

Self-catered options – central campus

On central campus, we offer the following self-catered accommodation: Darwin, Keynes Flats, Keynes Houses, Turing Houses, Turing Flats, Tyler Court A and Tyler Court B/C.



Darwin College bedroom

Darwin College kitchen

Keynes Flats bedroom

Keynes kitchen

Turing College bedroom

Tyler Court bedroom

Tyler Court bedroom

Tyler Court kitchen

Tyler Court study area


Accommodation, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent

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Last Updated: 19/03/2019