Business Travel

The University of Kent recognises that travel for business or academic purposes is an essential part of the University’s operation for staff and students.

Plan your journey for business travel or your visitor

The University actively promotes its Travel Plan that aims to reduce single car occupancy and encourage sustainable travel to and from Canterbury City and Medway Towns. Supporting improved air quality, low-carbon emissions and active travel.

It is important that you plan any journey you make. Consider the options available to you to help with the environment, your safety and costs. Effective planning can help save you time, be efficient and reduce stress.

The University policies, relating to travel, safety and insurance consider your safety, improve efficiency for you; as well as protect the University.

The University is committed to reducing our overall impact on the environment and support their policies that aim to reduce car use and improve air quality. 

When planning your journey consider the environment:

Is the journey necessary? Could the meeting be effectively held in any other way? i.e. telephone/video/conferencing

Is public transport or the Campus Shuttle an option?  The shuttle is free and many public transport providers offer free wifi and charging points.

Could you walk or cycle? You can claim mileage expenses for cycling.

If you are travelling to the same meeting as your colleagues, is car sharing an option? You can claim mileage expenses and an additional sum for each mile for each member of staff you provide a lift too.

Travel for business

This is designed to provide mandatory guidance to the correct procedures and processes that must be applied when you are travelling for University business or for study requirements.

Hire a coach or minibus
Coaches and minibuses with a driver are booked through the University’s preferred supplier

Book a seat on Campus Shuttle
The University operates a free coach service between Canterbury & Medway campuses for students and staff travelling for business

Book trains, air, rail, hotels, ferry reservations, car and taxis
The University’s Travel Management Company must be used to book travel. You should not book any other way unless an agreement has been given as per the University’s Travel Policy.

Event Safety Management - Transport & Movement Plan

The Event Safety web page provides Transport & Movement Plan guidance for all event management organisers.

Hire a car 

Contact the Procurement office, who will add you to the online booking portal. The portal will send a link to you via email to enable you to book your vehicle.

Book a taxi

Contact the Procurement office to be set up the ability to book taxis. The procurement team will inform you of your unique PIN number for:

Canterbury Campus 

  1. Call Longley's taxi company booking team on 01227 710777. 
  2. Announce clearly that you wish to book a car on the UKC account.
  3. They will ask you for your unique PIN number to verify you are authorised to book on the account.
  4. They will ask you for the journey details and you will be emailed a full confirmation.
  5. The passenger will be sent an SMS with a tracking link when the car is dispatched.

 You may book a car on behalf of any other person. Longley's will ask for the name and contact number of the passenger.

If you need to update your information, please contact the Procurement office who will update Longley's.

Medway Campus

Contact your division’s finance team, who should be able to make bookings on your behalf with Vokes Taxis company. If they are not able to please contact the Procurement office for further advice.

Driving for business

The University expects all members of staff who drive on its business to do so safely, legally and follow the appropriate policies, procedures and guidelines.

Driving at Work standard

The University Driving at Work standard must be adhered by all persons when using a vehicle for University of Kent business (including their own personal vehicle).

Vehicle Management Policy

This Policy applies to all vehicles operated by the University, whether owned by the University or leased, and to all University staff who are authorised to drive, or who travel in, such vehicles. It excludes daily rental vehicles from car hire companies.

Motor fleet insurance

To drive a University of Kent fleet vehicle you must be an authorised driver. This means you must complete the risk assessment under the University’s ‘Driving at Work standard’ before applying for Authorised driver insurance.

Regulations for the Management of Traffic

All persons driving or travelling on University of Kent land must adhere to these regulations.

Report a collision or repair to windscreen & glass to a university fleet vehicle

All managers and drivers responsible for the fleet vehicle(s) must follow the collision procedures to report to the insurance office. If a collision occurred this means there is a change in circumstance since the last ‘Authorised Driver Review’ between the manager and driver. This means a new  ‘Authorised driver review meeting’ must be completed.

Authorised Driver Reviews

All university fleet drivers must have an Authorised Driver Review meeting with either their line manager or the person responsible for the fleet vehicle(s) that must be driven.  CSE Directorate managers must complete the CSE Authorised Driver Review meeting process. All other managers must refer to the Health & Safety Driving at Work processes and the Insurance office questionnaire.


Parking on campus

How to get here

Where reasonably possible, you should encourage all persons you invite to our campus to consider travel by alternative means other than by car.


There is limited parking available for visitors to the University.  The reason for your visitor attendance to the campus will determine what parking is available to them. If your visitor is visiting for University business, they may be eligible for a Business Visitor Permit to Park or if they attend regularly then they may be entitled to an Associate Permit to Park.  For all other visitors view our Visitor parking web page

Regulations for the Management of Traffic

All persons driving or travelling on University of Kent private land must adhere to these regulations. Parking enforcement is in operation 24 hours every day.

Personal expense claims

Expense policy

Expense claims in connection with business-related travel may be incurred by employees only when carrying out their duties at a place other than at the normal place of work (‘business journeys’). 

An employee’s normal place of work will be specified in his/her contract of employment. All journeys between home and the normal place of employment must be regarded as private. 

However, employees may claim reimbursement of the cost of travelling between the start and endpoints of a business journey, even when the start point is the employee’s home

Travel insurance

The University’s insurance portfolio is covered by a range of quality insurers that specialise in providing risk transfer solutions for the higher education sector.  Check that you are insured for the journey you are planning to make. If you book through the University’s Travel Management Company, they will automatically process the insurance for you.

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