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Booking a seat

It is essential that you Book a Seat prior to travelling. Please ensure you have cancelled your seat if you are not travelling.

Once you have your Annual Pass there are 2 Shuttle services that you can book onto:

  1. UniKent Travel – this service operates during the day from 07:30hrs to 20:00hrs (8pm)
    You can book onto these services at anytime up to 5 minutes before departure.
  2. UniKent Overnight – this service operates after 20:00hrs (8pm) and prior to 07:00hrs (7am)
    You can book onto these services from 36 hours prior to departure and up to 5 minutes before the departure time.

For guidance on how to apply for your Annual Pass and booking a seat refer to ‘Booking Guide’ below.

If you have a disability, please contact the Kings Ferry a minimum of 2 working days before you are required to travel and they will assist you with arranging transport.

For travel between Pier Quays, Pembroke (Medway campus) and Dockyard (Western Avenue), you can also catch the Arriva 1 bus for this journey.

If you are a carer who will need to travel on the Campus Shuttle service sitting next to the student you are travelling with or if you are a student who requires a carer to sit next to you whilst travelling, please contact the Transport Team to assist with the booking.

If you do not cancel your seat when you are not travelling on a regular basis, you may be stopped from being able to use the service.

Booking this service is essential, please note you may also be required to show your KentOne or Kent Union card when boarding your booked service.

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