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About Phase II Student Success (EDI) Project 2017-2020

Phase II of the project will build upon the lessons learned from phase I to design and embed educational strategies at a school level with a focus on students at risk of under-performance. Seven schools will have academic staff dedicated to meeting institutional targets for reducing retention and attainment gaps and will help to monitor progress in their school against a set of student outcome based targets and milestones. In addition to the project schools the central Student Success team will provide development provision and support to all University of Kent schools. To find out more about development support please contact Student Success Project.

A Student Success Network ensuring cross fertilisation of good practice, training, research and evaluation will be utilised during phase II. The network will also help shape institutional policy regarding optimising student engagement and success. For more information about the Student Success Network and how to get involved please contact Jan Moriarty Project Manager.

The second, five year phase of the Student Success Project began with the 2017/18 academic year. Whilst many HEIs are focusing on attainment and retention gaps, Kent continues to consider itself ahead of the curve. The Student Success Project has a clear vision, and defined targets for the next five years. Please download the Student Success Project Phase 2 Vision to gain an understanding of the Project's aims.

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