Your student experience and academic progress are our priority. Using the feedback you’ve given us in recent years, we have designed a new University structure that allows us to better focus on the best of what we do.

We are committed to ensuring you have the right abilities, experience and knowledge to succeed after you graduate. This has been a central goal in planning the recent changes.

We have much to be proud of at our University.

  • Our students are innovative, dedicated and passionate members of society. Our student of the year 2020 Paul-Georg Ender was recognised for his crucial work to improve physical and digital accessibility on campus, with our 2020 Kent Student Awards winners celebrating the best of what our students do
  • We have a gold rating in the UK Government's Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)
  • We received a Times Higher Education Award for our innovative approach to improving academic outcomes for the least advantaged students.
  • Our Student Success project has been praised for being guided by the voice of students.

But we are always looking for ways to do more.

As the recent changes take shape, it will be easier for you to engage with all aspects of University life.

Our staff will be better equipped to support students.

Processes will be easier to follow and more consistent.

Students, whether undergraduate and postgraduate, will receive the same level of care and commitment to their academic progress.

Our staff will be better able to work together to transform students’ lives.

Kent will be better placed to build for the future.

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