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Organising for Success
Organising for Success: University restructure

At Kent, we transform lives through opportunity, discovery and community.  

Your education is our priority and we are continually seeking ways to make your experience here better. As part of this, we have recently made changes to the University structure under a project called Organising for Success. This is largely focussed on changes to professional services staff being introduced for the 2020/21 academic year. 

What is changing?

From November 2020, schools and centres will be grouped into six new academic divisions at Kent. These divisions will have greater freedom in how they work, enabling them to make decisions that best meet the needs of their students. We are also changing the way teams work together, improving consistency and making it easier for all students to access the services they need.  

You will still be part of the same subject community with your fellow students, with an academic adviser and teaching and professional service staff to guide and support your studies.