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In November 2016 we were successful in transitioning to the new and more challenging ISO14001:2015 standard


About Us

The Safety, Health and Environment Unit is responsible for the University Environment policy and auditing, advises on legal compliance and is responsible for the University's Environmental Management System (EMS) which underpins everything we do as an organisation to manage the impacts our activities have on the environment.

The Estates Department and Safety, Health and Environment Unit have prime responsibility for implementation of the environment policy.

Environmental Management System

An EMS is a structured framework to help manage, evaluate and improve environmental performance in a verifiable way. It can help an organisation protect the environment by identifying and monitoring legal requirements, improving resource efficiency and dealing with the effects of climate change.

Our EMS has been developed to ISO14001 which is the International standard for Environmental Management and is based on the ‘plan–do–check–act’ cycle for controlling and continuously improving an organisation’s environmental performance. This enables us as an organisation to identify and control the environmental impact of our activities, products and services; to continuously improve our environmental performance; and, to implement a systematic approach to set and achieve environmental objectives and targets.

Key features of the EMS include:

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