Sustainable Food

Chefs at Sibson serving vegan dishes

Sustainable Food

Improving the sustainability of our food offering across our campuses

1 October 2018 saw the launch of the University’s first ever sustainable food strategy, which provides a road map for increasing the sustainability of our food offering from field to fork and beyond. The strategy supports the University’s overall response to the climate crisis and meets ever increasing demand for more sustainable options across our campuses’ menus.  

The strategy is delivered by each of the catering outlets and overseen by the Sustainable Food Steering Group which has student and staff representatives on it alongside, catering managers from each of the outlets, the Student Union and the Sustainability Team.

Priority areas


Reducing the amount of red meat on our menus


Improving our vegetarian and vegan options


Reducing the use of single use plastic


Increasing the seasonality of our menus


Improving access to free water across campus


Supporting local food suppliers


Only serving sustainable fish


Ensuring our supply chains are ethical

Sustainable Fish

All wild caught fish served in our dishes across our campuses are Marine Stewardship Council Certified meaning we know that it was fished responsibly and where it came from.

Refreshing our strategy

We were due to review our strategy this year and publish a strategy refresh in 2020 prioritising our next steps. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to prioritise other things so this is now delayed. Our aim though is to continue this work as soon as it is possible and when our catering outlets are able to accomodate this.