Sustainable Food

Sustainable Food

Find out what Kent is doing to increase Sustainable Food across our food offering.

Improving the sustainability of our food offering across our campuses

1 October 2018 saw the launch of the University’s first ever sustainable food strategy, which provided a road map for increasing the sustainability of our food offering from field to fork and beyond. The plan was reviewed and refreshed for the second time in 2023 to better reflect the key activities needed within the context of increasingly complex supply chains and complimentary university initiatives such as Right to Food. The action plan supports the University’s overall response to the climate crisis and meets ever increasing demand for more sustainable options across our campuses’ menus.  

The action plan is delivered by each of the catering outlets and overseen by the Sustainable Food Steering Group comprised of representatives from catering, procurement, waste, Kent Union and the sustainability team.

Our top 6 priorities for 2023-25

Find out more in our 2023-25 Sustainable Food Plan

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    Cost of Living

    Guaranteeing the affordability and availability of healthy and sustainable food

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    Plant-Forward Diets

    Increasing the number of plant-based options on campus and working to reduce the amount of meat within dishes

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    Reducing Food Waste

    Seek reductions in food waste across our operations and support students in accommodation to do the same.

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    Sustainable Procurement

    Promoting sustainability throughout the supply chain through ensuring that sustainability criteria are built into our procurement processes.

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    Supporting the Region of Kent

    Showcasing local food and addressing food inequality in the region

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    Improving our communications internally and externally to celebrate success and share best practice

Sustainable Fish

All wild caught fish served in our dishes across our campuses are Marine Stewardship Council Certified meaning we know that it was fished responsibly and where it came from.