Climate Action

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Climate Action


A statement from the Vice Chancellor, Professor Karen Cox

We fully acknowledge the climate and ecological crisis facing the planet and strongly support Canterbury City Council’s recent declaration. As an institution that researches and teaches about the causes and effects of global environmental change, we are strongly aware that our staff and students have a combined responsibility – both as a leading exemplar of what must be achieved and as a wider advocate for sustainability – to enable the radical societal changes needed to mitigate the causes of global heating.

We are determined to harness the unique strengths we offer as a university in tackling the crisis, bringing together combined expertise across our education, research and wider functions. We are currently preparing an ambitious sustainability strategy informed by research from the School of Anthropology and Conservation that will enable us to set clear targets to reduce emissions, along with tangible steps to get us there. Alongside this, we will play a lead role in the wider movement to tackle the crisis, by contributing to the collective knowledge base and through our impact across society.

Net Zero by 2040

The University of Kent recently adopted a target to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040. The Sustainability Team and Estates Department are currently working on an exciting energy partnership with Siemens and developing a new carbon management plan to support this that is fit for the future. While this is being produced we have published an interim statement which sets out our targets, baselines, responsibilities and governance structures to support emissions reduction.


Climate change is intrinsically linked to public health, food and water security, migration, peace, and security. It is a moral issue. It is an issue of social justice, human rights and fundamental ethics.

Ban Ki Moon Former United Nation's Secretary General

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