Postgraduate applicants

Welcome to our community of Psychologists

If you have received an offer to study with us this September, you can find out more about the School of Psychology's academic and postgraduate student community here. 

Our courses will provide you with specialised knowledge of a range of theoretical approaches and allow you to develop skills in preparation for entering academic or other careers as psychologists.

Discover more about your course through the resources below. 

Meet our Master's graduates

Meet Leia | MSc Cognitive Psychology/ Neuropsychology

Leia is now undertaking a PhD.

Meet Megan | MSc Forensic Psychology

Megan is a Trainee Forensic Psychologist with the Prison Service.

Meet Emma | MSc Political Psychology

Emma is working for the Office for National Statistics.

Meet Ben | MSc Social Psychology

Ben is now undertaking a PhD with Kent Business School.