There is a great student and staff Mindfulness community at Kent which is open to all, and seeks to help everyone find the serenity and clarity that mindfulness meditation can bring.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing mindful awareness to what’s happening in the present moment, without judgement. 

We tend to spend a lot of time caught up in thoughts about what has happened in the past, or what might happen in the future. By practicing Mindfulness, we can learn to differentiate between our direct experience of the present moment and our thinking mind. 

It is a great way to build resilience for when things get stressful as it involves developing a better understanding of how our minds respond to the situations we face. 

There is a huge amount of scientific evidence to show that, with practice, Mindfulness can significantly improve mental wellbeing. Following these findings, Mindfulness has gained popularity over the past decade thanks to apps such as Headspace

Cartoon of a person meditating with the caption "Just pay attention..."

Mindfulness at Kent

The thriving Mindfulness community at Kent offers guided meditation and discussion classes and is a great way to improve your wellbeing alongside fellow students. 

During the term time there are weekly Mindfulness sessions available for Kent students. 

All Students 

These meditation and discussion sessions take place on Wednesdays at 1pm (online, all students) and 5pm (Canterbury campus). 

The sessions are an hour long and involve an introduction and teaching of Mindfulness-based approaches, a guided meditation led by a qualified Mindfulness instructor, and opportunities for discussion of what students noticed during the practice. 

All students are warmly welcomed, so please come along when you can. 

To find out about and book onto forthcoming Mindfulness sessions at the University of Kent please check the Student Support and Wellbeing events calendar. 

Medway Students 

As well as the Wednesday online session, Medway students can also join the Mindfulness Monday online workshops. 

Mindfulness Resources

Besides the weekly meditation sessions, there are a number of other ways for students to find out more about Mindfulness. 

The weekly Mindfulness email newsletter offers useful resources and reminders about upcoming Mindfulness sessions and events, sign up to the Minfulness newsletter

The Mindfulness at Kent Blog features Mindfulness tips, blog posts, poems and resources for students. 

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