The School has excellent laboratory and field research facilities as well as modern teaching spaces. There are dedicated individual laboratories and specialised labs for different types of research.

You have access to facilities such as:

  • an observational suite and fully equipped video studios
  • group dynamics laboratories
  • networked small groups/interpersonal interaction laboratories and hub room
  • electrophysiology (ERP/EEG) laboratories
  • eye-tracking laboratories
  • galvanic vestibular stimulation laboratory (GVS, Magstim)
  • physiological measurement laboratories
  • social cognition laboratory
  • transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
  • visual cognition laboratories
  • virtual reality laboratory.

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Psychology student Jemima, side shot, reading a book next to library shelves

“The facilities here at Kent are great.”

Find out how our resources have helped Psychology student Jemima.

Library facilities

You have access to the School of Psychology’s collection in the University’s Templeman Library, including one of the country’s largest collections of books on social psychology and extensive digital materials. We also have a large collection of frequently used books and journals in our MSc study area and a psychometric test library.


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