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Information for applicants

The Department of Philosophy welcomes the creative and the curious – people ready to take a critical look at philosophy. Our programmes cover core areas such as metaphysics, logic, epistemology and ethics, as well as the philosophy of science, medicine, and political philosophy.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our community of students and scholars in the Department of Philosophy at Kent. We are excited that you want to join us in exploring philosophical questions!

To be successful, you do not need to have read or studied philosophy before. You need only arrive with a genuine curiosity about philosophical questions and problems, and an openness to learning from others, and challenging yourself.  

Unfortunately we are not able to welcome you to campus to visit us just yet but we hope to have the chance to meet you soon. In the meantime, on this page you will find more information about our staff, our degree programmes and the opportunities available to students of Philosophy.   

During your degree, you will have the chance to choose modules within three general fields of philosophy—ethics and political philosophy; metaphysics, logic, and science; and historically themed modules looking at specific thinkers or philosophy in relation to history. 

As well, there are philosophy modules offered outside of our programme—such as, Ancient Greek philosophy in Classics, Chinese and Indian Philosophy in Asian Studies, and Philosophy of Art in History of Art.

Why choose Philosophy at Kent?

“Studying Philosophy I learn new things every day”

Jamie Reeve finds that philosophers may not have all the answers but do ask fascinating questions.

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I took some time out of education so I'm coming at my education a little later than some of my peers. I am also a joint honours student; meaning I study two different subjects for my degree, and this is something I truly value

Jamie, English Literature and Philosophy

Gold-rated teaching

The Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Panel judged that we deliver consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for our students.

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Rethinking responsibility 

Dr Lubomira Radoilska assesses how we currently view responsibility and suggests a new approach.

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Lab equipment, including a range of glass flasks filled with coloured liquids.

Evidence-based medicine

Professor Jon Williamson argues that insisting on evidence of mechanisms together with evidence from trials is the best combination of evidence for making decisions in medicine.  

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