Staff recommendations for new students

Our programmes in the Department of Philosophy cover core areas such as metaphysics, logic, epistemology and ethics, as well as the philosophy of science, medicine, and political philosophy. To give you a head start, we’ve put together some recommendations from our academic staff to get you inspired!

YouTube crash course in Philosophy

Recommended reading

A Short History of Ethics by Alasdair MacIntyre
MacIntyre is one of the big thinkers when it comes to moral philosophy, and though some of his views have changed since writing this book, it nevertheless gives the reader a rich and very accessible introduction to the history of ethical thinking in the West.

The Myths We Live By by Mary Midgley
An exciting look at how lots of ideas we rely on push us into big philosophical disputes.

Not for Profit : Why Democracy Needs the Humanities by Martha Nussbaum
Ever get the annoying questions “Why are you studying philosophy? What good is it?”? Well, read Nussbaum’s book for a powerful response.

Philosophical Method: A Very Short Introduction by Timothy Williamson
It is a fun and accessible introduction to how philosophy works and what it can achieve, complete with loads of examples.

The Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy

An interview with philosopher, Nigel Warburton, including his recommendations for introductory readings in philosophy.

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