Male cellist and female violinist playing in an urban playground rich in graffiti
William Jack.

Coffee Concert: University String Sinfonia

Saturday 25 February, St Mary of Charity, Faversham, 10.45am

The University's by-invitation ensemble explores repertoire for string orchestra, directed by Floriane Peycelon. Programme includes Ulysses Wakes by John Woolrich, with Music Performance Scholar, Kira Hilton (solo viola).

The 45-minute event will also feature the composer In Conversation, and is part of the Coffee Concerts series at St Mary of Charity church.

T: free, retiring collection 

Female viola player and male composer standing on a balcony at the back of a concert hall
Nathan Eaton-Baudains.

Postgraduate Music Performance Scholar reading Chemistry, Kira Hilton, and composer John Woolrich pictured in Colyer-Fergusson Hall

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