Rehearsal room with a piano and a drum kit

Practice rooms

The Colyer-Fergusson Building has a suite of music practice rooms available to all University of Kent students and staff for individual and group music practice/rehearsal. (Please see new guidelines regarding room occupancy below).


From 14 September you will be able to purchase the new annual permit.

Booking practice rooms - we have decided to return to the pre-pandemic rubric for the practice rooms, which is that you can book a room, but it is not essential. Booking a room will guarantee you a room for a specific time slot, however if a room has not been booked, you are welcome to just swipe and enter the room and practice until it is booked.

Click here to purchase a permit

You can book up to 5 hour within any weeks (which run Monday to Sunday). 

For your own personal health please continue to sanitise your hands on exiting the rooms, and opening the windows to ventilate.

Practice Rooms are available 9am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday (unless there is a performance in Colyer-Fergusson Hall). 

Please note, once you have purchased your permit you will still need to contact the Music Administrator to have your KentOne card activated.

Click here to book a room

Room occupancy guidelines

According to new COVID-safety compliant guidelines, rooms have now been designated for the following occupancy:

Rooms G-10 and G-11 - 6 persons only

Room G-18 (band-room) - 8 persons only

Room 1- 06 - 15 persons only 

Room 1-16 - 25 persons only

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