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Row of sopranos in rehearsal
Image: Molly Hollman.

University of Kent Chorus 2020-2021

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An introduction to the year ahead

Dan Harding, Head of Music Performance

Welcome to a rather different University of Kent Chorus!

With everything that is going on, we are committed to running Chorus this year, although in somewhat different circumstances, at least for the Autumn term. Singing is so important for many reasons, and we plan to keep Chorus working in whatever ways we can as we move through the new academic year. 

With this in mind, the Autumn term will, for the time being, be online in order to comply with both government and University guidelines, and whilst (for the moment) research is taking place as to whether ensemble singing rehearsals and performances are able to take place.  All the rehearsal resources will be made available online each Monday night, to make it as easy as possible for everyone to access and be involved. 

Each week, starting in October, we will be sharing a short, half-hour rehearsal to YouTube, beginning with a short vocal warm-up and moving on to look at repertoire; there will also be live online ‘virtual’ rehearsals (most likely through a Closed Facebook Group) led from the piano by Dan Harding, so there is a blend of rehearsal videos and live sessions online to reassure everyone that we all still exist! 

In recognition of the unusual circumstances in which we will be operating, we have reduced the annual membership fee to £25 for external members and £15 for staff / alumni for the whole year. 

If you would still like to be involved in Chorus this year, please let us know so that we can make sure you are included when we send out the project details and resources for this year by emailing We will then send you the link to pay your membership online, which then activate your access to the online resources for the Autumn term. 

We hope you are staying safe and well, and we look forward to working with you in various forms this coming year!