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Frank Pettingell: a chronology

A character actor on stage and screen, Frank Pettingell was born in Liverpool, 1 January 1891 and was educated at Manchester University. He was married to Ethel Till. Before becoming an actor, he worked as an artist and journalist. Frank Pettingell died on 17 February 1966.

Work in the theatre

Date Role
November 1910 First appearance as the Tailor in "The Taming of the Shrew", Winter Gardens, Blackpool.
1911-1914 Extensive experience in repertory companies, touring dramas, and concert parties.
1914-1918 Served with the King's Liverpool (25th) Regiment.
1919-1922 Toured with his own version of "Les Miserables", and in "East is East".
20 April 1922 First appearance on the London stage, as Davie Nicholson in "Lass o' Laughter", Queen's Theatre.
May 1923 James Wylie in "What Every Woman Knows", Apollo.
1924 John Shand, touring in "What Every Woman Knows".
1924-1927 Played in several repertory companies, and directed many productions.
December 1927 Inspector Dixon in "9.45", Ambassadors.
February-October 1928 The Porter in "Macbeth", Burge-Lubin and Badger Bluepin in "Back to Methuselah", Gamel in "Harold", Christopher Sly in "The Taming of the Shrew", and Richard Varwell in "Yellow Sands".
1928-1930 Toured as Pancho in "The Bad Man", Baron Andreyeff in "The Yellow Ticket", Simon Hardy in "The Stranger Within", etc.
March 1930 William Bromley in "Every Mother's Son", Player's.
1930 Stock season at the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham.
December 1930 Sergeant Chugg in "Jane's Legacy", Duchess.
May 1931 A big success as Sam Oglethorpe in "The Good Companions", His Majesty's.
April 1932 Mr Crum in "Pleasure Cruise", Apollo.
October 1932 John Arnold in "My Hat!", New.
December 1933 John Torrent in "A Present from Margate", Shaftesbury.
January 1934 Ned Pope in "Spring, 1600".
March 1934 Steve Townie in "Magnolia Street", Adelphi.
May 1934 Fred McCrossan in "Touch Wood", Haymarket.
December 1934 Det.-Inspector Grimshaw in "Inside the Room", Queen's.
October 1935 A Serious Person in "The Black Eye", Shaftesbury.
February 1936 Appeared in "Follow the Sun", Adelphi.
April 1936 Philo Johnson in "The Frog", Prince's.
May 1937 Mr Leroy in "He Was Born Gay", Queen's.
October 1937 Bel Kabbittu in "Susannah and the Elders", Duke of York's.
December 1937 Count Mariassy in "A Lady's Gentleman", Vaudeville.
April 1938 Charles Mollison in "April Clouds", Royalty.
August 1938 Buchlyvie in "The Last Trump" and De Stogumber in "Saint Joan" at the Malvern Festival.
October 1938 Henry Ormonroyd in "When We Are Married", St. Martin's.
January 1940 Mr Dotheright in "The Golden Cuckoo", Duchess.
May-June 1940 Appeared in "Come Out of Your Shell" at the Embassy and the Criterion.
February 1942 Hubert Benson in "Jam To-Day", St. Martin's.
July 1942 Jim Lloyd in "Lifeline", Duchess.
December 1942 - June 1944 Teddy Brewster in "Arsenic and Old Lace", Strand.
March 1946 Albert Bigglesworth in "Fifty-Fifty", Strand.
July 1948 Talkative in "The Pilgrim's Progress", Covent Garden.
Aug. 1948 Oscar Wilde in "Oscar Wilde", Boltons.
March 1949 Mr Gooch in "Daphne Laureola", Wyndham's.
October 1951 Roger Manifold in "All the Year Round", Duke of York's.
September 1953 The Doctor in "Bruno and Sidney", Phoenix.
September 1953 Followed Wilfred Hyde-White as Philip Russell in "Affairs of State", Cambridge.
May 1956 Monsieur Cot in "Hotel Paradiso", Winter Garden.
February 1958 Liam Shaughnessy in "Roseland", St. Martin's.
February 1960 General Tom Powers in "Visit to a Small Planet", Westminster.
September 1962 Basil Smythe in "Big Fish, Little Fish", Duke of York's.
January 1964 Beecham in "The Reluctant Peer"..

Work in films

Year Films
1931 Hobson's Choice (dir. Thomas Bentley)
Jealousy (dir. G.B. Samuelson)
1932 Double Dealing (dir. Leslie Hiscott)
A Tight Corner (dir. Leslie Hiscott)
Once Bitten (dir. Leslie Hiscott)
In a Monastery Garden (dir. Maurice Elvey)
The Crooked Lady (dir. Leslie Hiscott)
Frail Women (dir. Maurice Elvey)
1933 Yes, Madam (dir. Leslie Hiscott)
Excess Baggage (dir. Redd Davis)
The Medicine Man (dir. Redd Davis)
That's My Wife (dir. Leslie Hiscott)
This Week of Grace (dir. Maurice Elvey)
The Lucky Number (dir. Anthony Asquith)
The Good Companions (dir. Victor Saville)
A Cuckoo in the Nest (dir. Tom Walls)
1934 Keep It Quiet (dir. Leslie Hiscott)
Sing As We Go (dir. Basil Dean)
My Old Dutch (dir. Sinclair Hill)
Red Wagon (dir. Paul L. Stein)
1935 The Big Splash (dir. Leslie Hiscott)
The Right Age to Marry (dir. Maclean Rogers)
Say It With Diamonds (dir. Redd Davis)
Where's George? (dir. Jack Raymond)
The Last Journey (dir. Bernard Vorhaus)
1936 Millions (dir. Leslie Hiscott)
On Top of the World (dir. Redd Davis)
The Amateur Gentleman (dir. Thornton Freeland)
Fame (dir. Leslie Hiscott)
1937 It's a Grand Old World (dir. Herbert Smith)
Spring Handicap (dir. Victor Hanbury)
Take My Tip (dir. Herbert Mason)
1938 Sailing Along (dir. Sonnie Hale)
Queer Cargo (dir. Harold Schuster)
1940 Gaslight (dir. Thorold Dickinson)
Busman's honeymoon (dir. Arthur Woods)
Return to Yesterday (dir. Robert Stevenson)
1941 Once A Crook (dir. Herbert Mason)
This England (dir. David MacDonald)
The Seventh Survivor (dir. Leslie Hiscott)
Ships With Wings (dir. Sergei Nolbandov)
Kipps (dir. Carol Reed)
1942 The Goose Steps Out (dir. Will Hay)
The Young Mr Pitt (dir. Carol Reed)
1943 Get Cracking (dir. Marcel Varnel)
1945 Gaiety George (dir. George King)
1948 No Room at the Inn (dir. Daniel Birt)
Escape (dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
1952 The Card (dir. Ronald Neame)
Tonight at 8.30 (dir. Anthony Pelissier)
The Crimson Pirate (dir. Robert Siodmak)
1953 The Great Game (dir. Maurice Elvey)
Meet Mr. Lucifer (dir. Anthony Pelissier)
1955 Value For Money (dir. Ken Annakin)
1958 Corridors of Blood (dir. Robert Day)
Up the Creek (dir. Val Guest)
1962 Term of Trial (dir. Peter Glenville)
The Dock Brief (dir. James Hill)
1964 Becket (dir. Peter Glenville)

Work in television

  • Falstaff in the Shakespeare series, "An Age of Kings."
  • Junius Brutus in "The Spread of the Eagle", series, 1963

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