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Software for your PC

Available on campus

  • ClaroRead: available on Student PCs
  • Workrave: available on Student PCs
  • Visual Studio for University-owned Windows PCs: email
  • Available on disk from Templeman Library Welcome Desk (KentOne card needed):
    • Arcrview (Windows)
    • Maple (all operating systems)
    • Matlab (Windows or Mac)
    • Minitab (Windows)
    • Nvivo (Windows): also available online as a download, details below
    • SAS (Windows)
    • Sigmaplot (Windows): for use on University-owned PCs only
    • SPSS - PASW Statistics (Windows/Mac)

Available online

Nvivo (Windows)

How to download and install Nvivo10:

  1. Email from your University of Kent email account, to ask for an Nvivo software license key (available to students and staff only).
  2. Go to: (opens in a new window)
  3. Select Support from the top menu.
  4. Select Nvivo 10 from under the heading Download QSR Software.
  5. Download it and select Save, and choose a location to save to.
  6. A large file will begin downloading (over 600MB).
  7. Locate the saved file and run it to install Nvivo 10.
  8. Enter your license key or start the 30-day trial if you haven't received it from Welcome Desk yet (see point 1).

Welcome desk staff will email you the license code, and add your details to a database so we can email you updated licence codes for Nvivo.

About the software

Software for staff and students is available either as part of our licensing agreement, or can be bought at an educational discount.

It can be used on your own computer unless otherwise specified.




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