Requesting official student documents

Student status letter

You can use a status letter to prove your student status (ie to open a bank account or apply for student loans/benefits).

A status letter confirms your:

  • full name (as per your student record)
  • date of birth
  • home address
  • term time address
  • course title
  • registration date
  • completion date
  • term dates

When is a status letter not applicable?

If you are renewing your Student visa/Tier 4 visa, you will need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter instead.

If you are alumni, please refer to our Alumni services.

How can I request a status letter?

You can download a copy directly from KentVision:

  • Click My communications and documents
  • Click My documents
  • Choose status letter
  • Use the drop down to choose who the letter should be addressed to - click next
  • Click download

If you require a letter with extra information (such as being addressed to a specific bank or additional details such as your expected graduation date) please complete the below form, where you can provide more details in the notes section. If you require a status letter for credit reference purposes, please make a clear note of this on the application form as some additional information has to be added to the standard status letter. Banks/lenders may often want confirmation of your home or term time address whilst you were studying. Whilst we are happy to supply this information, we can only do so if your address is up to date on KentVision. We cannot enter address information that is not recorded on your student record.

Letters are produced electronically and sent via email, and it is University policy not to release information for students who have a debt to the University. Letters may take up to 20 working days to process and will be addressed "To Whom It May Concern" unless addressed to a specific bank.

Council tax exemption letter

Eligible students are exempt from council tax between their course start and end dates. Students living in University of Kent campus accommodation are automatically exempt and do not need to apply for council tax exemption.

Please note: If your tenancy agreement starts or ends outside of these dates, you will be liable for council tax during that period. See University term dates.

Do I qualify for council tax exemption?

If you fulfil any of the below criteria, you do NOT qualify for council tax exemption:

  • You are a part time student studying less than 65 credits (if you are normally a full time student repeating modules due to failure you may qualify for council tax exemption, even if you are studying less than 65 credits. Please contact our teams to enquire further)
  • You are on a PhD programme and your registration date was more than four years ago and you have not had any periods of intermission.

If you fulfil any of the below criteria, you MAY qualify for council tax exemption but may need to update your information:

  • You have no term time address: update your term time address in KentVision
  • You are not a registered student: log into KentVision to complete enrolment/Returning Registration
  • You have a term time address on campus: you are automatically exempt.

When these issues are resolved, please wait 24 hours before requesting a council tax exemption letter.

How do I access my council tax exemption certificate?

You can download a copy directly from KentVision:

  • Click My communications and documents
  • Click My documents
  • Choose council tax letter and click next
  • Click download

If you have any issues, please contact our Canterbury or Medway teams.

More information

Canterbury City Council

Medway Council


Transcripts are an official record of a student's academic achievement whilst studying at the University and include a breakdown of all modules taken including your marks and result for each stage of study.

Transcripts can be viewed and downloaded on KentVision from the 'My Transcript' section of the 'My Marks & Results' tile.

Alternatively, the Student Record Administration Office can provide third parties with a transcript. We cannot send copies directly to students or their family.

If you are alumni, you will need to purchase a copy of your transcript.

Replacement KentOne ID card

If you are a new student, you will be notified by email on how you will receive your KentOne student ID card. Please do not use the below services unless you have lost your card. If you have any questions regarding the card that you have been issued please contact our Canterbury or Medway teams.

Lost cards

If you have lost your card, you can order a new KentOne student ID card for £15. Only students may order a replacement card and it will be posted to the term time address on KentVision - please ensure that this is correct before purchasing.

Expired cards

If you have recently changed your course or are repeating a year, your card may have passed its expiry date. Please request a new card free of charge using one of the below links. Only students may order a replacement card and it will be posted to the term time address given in your order form.

Stolen cards

If your KentOne student ID card has been stolen, you may be able to receive a replacement card free of charge. You will need to provide proof of the theft (eg a crime reference number) to our Canterbury or Medway teams.

Oyster card discount

Oyster cards are plastic smartcards for the London Underground which you can add money to in order to pay as you travel.

Transport for London (TfL) requires the University to validate all 18+ Oyster card applications made by Kent students.

How to apply for an 18+ Student Oyster card

On the TfL 'Get photocard' website click 'View list of all available establishments' and choose University of Kent. Click 'Apply now' and follow the steps to complete your application. Note that you will need to upload a photo and pay a £10 fee as part of this process.

What happens next?

When TfL notifies the Student Record Administration Office of an application, we check that the applicant is a University of Kent student registered for the current academic year, and if so, approve it.

Once we have approved an application we have no control over how long it will take for the card to be issued by TfL.

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