Open Science Foundation

OSF is a free and open source project management tool that supports researchers throughout their entire project lifecycle. Use OSF to manage access to your files on a wide or granular level, so that you can work on projects privately, collaboratively, or make the entire project publicly accessible for broad dissemination.

Access Open Science Foundation

Click the button to access OSF and sign in with your University of Kent credentials.

Get started

Use OSF Support and get guidance to help you get started and access the video below for a short introduction.

Introduction to Open Science Foundation

Quick Start guide

User accounts provide access to all of your public work. Use the "Sign in via Institution" button then choose "University of Kent" and use your Kent credentials to login.  Create your personal OSF account.

Further support can be accessed via the Profile and Account helppage.

Create a project to store your data and collaborate.  

  •  A “component” can be a sub project, child project or used to house logical components of your project (data, analysis, code etc). A component's privacy settings, contributors, tags, wikis, add-ons, and files are separate from the parent project, but can inherit the contributors and tags of a parent project. Get further guidance about Creating Components.
  • An advanced option is to create a project from a template, to have the project, it's components and their titles copied to a new project. The structure, and not the content, will be duplicated.

A private project has a limit of 5GB of storage. A public project and components are limited to 50GB). If more storage is needed, additional storage add-ons services can be used or project files can be rearranged using components to make the most of 5GB project limit.

Registrations are a formal, transparent “story” of your study. This story describes what your research plans to do, any updates that needed to be made, and the results.  Use the registration help page to explore more about using Registrations.

Ready to publish? Submit your manuscript on OSF Preprints. Submitted preprints are indexed on Google Scholar and can help you maximise the reach and impact of your findings, while also connecting them with your OSF projects and registrations. For more information, see the Preprint Help Section.

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