Emergency Short Term Loan (ESTL)

The University can lend students who are suffering from financial difficulty an amount of money to help with their immediate essential living costs, such as food and essential travel.

Who can apply?

Emergency Short Term Loans (ESTL), from the Access to Learning Fund, are available to Home UK students who have made their application to Student Finance England, but who have yet to receive their first instalment of their funding.  

What is the financial support offered through ESTL?

If you have not received your first payment from Student Finance England (SFE), Wales (SFW), Northern Ireland (SFNI) or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) at the start of term, you can apply for an interim Emergency Short Term Loan (ESTL) from the Access to Learning Fund of up to £80 for each week that your funding has been delayed by. The maximum that a student can receive in any one application is £320. 

How do I apply for ESTL?

The application form for the next academic year is now available.

Please email your application to the Financial Aid Office via FinancialAid@kent.ac.uk. They will assess your situation and decide if a loan is appropriate.

Are there any exemptions or things to be aware of when applying?

Students must agree to repay the loan after receiving the first instalment of their student finance. If the ESTL is still outstanding, after the second instalment of student finance is due to be paid, the amounts will be transferred to the University student account.  

When and how will I find out if my application has been successful?

Turnaround of an application usually takes no more than one working day. 

Once authorised, a Faster Payment should be made within 4 working days of receipt.

Can I appeal if my ESTL application is unsuccessful?

There is no appeal process for ESTL, but the Finance Team may suggest other financial support if your application is not successful. 

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