Go Abroad Bitesize FAQ

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Go Abroad Bitesize - our short-term international placements for Spring/Summer 2024,

If you can't find the answer to your query, email the Go Abroad team who will be happy to help.

FAQ list

  • All students on a Kent degree programme can apply,
  • Any level of study, from first year undergraduates through to PhD students. 
  • Final year students can apply but need to do so before the end of their registration.
  • It does not matter which degree programme/subject you are studying.
  • Students at Kent on a short-term or exchange programme are not eligible to apply. 

  • The deadline to apply to Kent for funding is 31st January 2024
  • The deadline to apply for a placement will vary so please contact the placement providers or check the information on their websites 
  • Regardless of deadlines, we recommend you apply for the placement(s) AND the funding as soon as possible - the earlier you know if you are successful, the sooner you can book travel etc which is usually cheaper the earlier you book

These placements are extra curricular and do not earn credits towards your Kent degree. 

  • All Kent degree students can apply regardless of nationality
  • International students at Kent on a short-term or exchange programme are not eligible to apply. 

  • Yes but you must apply BEFORE the end of your registration at Kent.
  • Any fundng offered will be for placements taking place before 31 August 2024
  • You will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of the funding and repay any funds if you withdraw from the placement, do not complete the minimum 28-day duration, or do not submit the required attendance certificate

  • Select which placement(s) you wish to apply for
  • You can select more than one
  • Read all the information on the placement provider website
  • Make sure you understand what is involved, the dates you will be away, any costs involved that may not be covered by the funding from Kent
  • Attend any online or in-person information sessions run by the Kent Go Abroad team (these will be advertised on our website) and by the placement provider

  • Apply directly to the placement provider(s) for the placement(s) you wish to apply for
  • Do this via their website(s)
  • Apply to Kent for funding via our application form in Moodle
  • You can apply for funding before or after you apply for a placement but we will not offer any funding until a placement has been confirmed

  • The funding amounts vary 
  • If you are successful in your funding application we will confirm the amount offered to you
  • The amount will be calculated based on the destination, duration and your personal circumstances
  • Please see the info on each placement in the Moodle Module for details of how much funding is available

  • Any programme fees charged by placement providers must be paid by you
  • Any funding we offer you can be used to contrinute to the fees but you may need to pay some yourself
  • For volunteering placements the placement providers will help with fundraising to cover fees
  • Please see the details of each placement in the Moodle Module to see what programme fees may be charged

  • Placement providers will give advice on this 
  • Visa applications can take a long time so start looking into this as soon as possible

  • In most cases the placement providers arrange this and it is included in the programme fee. 
  • Please refer to the placement provider website for details

  • You are usually expected to book flights but placement providers will advise on this. 
  • Flight prices tend to go up the nearer you get to the date of travel so you should look into this as soon as possible
  • Placement providers usually meet you at the airport and provide internal transfers but please check with the placement provider for details

  • We have funding for multiple Kent students on each placement
  • You may therefore be selected alongside other Kent students
  • Some placements may not have other Kent students going but there will be students form other universities
  • Placement providers put you in touch with others (eg via WhatsApp) and arrange opportunities to meet (in person or online), before travelling to the placement
  • Sometimes they arrange for you to travel together
  • Please contact placement providers for more details 

  • If you are registered as a University of Kent student at the time of the placement you will be covered by the University's travel and personal accident insurance
  • Students whose registration has ended at the time of the placement are not covered and will need to seek their own insurance. Placement providers can advise on this

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