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Financial Support for Student Carers

The University of Kent is committed to offering support to all of its students, especially students in vulnerable groups, such as student carers.

The Kent Young Adult Carer Package is delivered in a student's first year only.

The Young Adult Carer Pack includes:

  • A one-off, £600 cash bursary towards the costs of starting life at University.
  • A one-off payment of £100 towards graduation costs for students who attend their graduation ceremony.
  • We may be able to provide provision for travel in advance to attend University interviews. (This must be applied for at least one week in advance)

You may apply for the support package if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a new, undergraduate student
  • You are a UK home fee paying student
  • You are under 25 years of age
  • You are a UK home fee paying student who cares for or look after a family member, friend or other individual, due to disability, chronic or terminal illness, mental health difficulty or drug/alcohol dependency or another reason.
  • You can provide written evidence that you have caring responsibilities. This can be either evidence that you were in receipt of carers allowance immediately before you became a full time student or a letter from a doctor confirming that you have the responsibility of caring for someone who needs help because of their age, physical or mental illness, or disability.

To make an application you can complete a Young Adult Carer Application Form and email it to the Financial Aid Office. Applications for the 2020/2021 academic year can be submitted from 13th August 2020. Applications must be received by 18th June 2021.

If you would like to apply for provision for travel to attend an interview please email your details to at least one week prior to your interview date.

Other funding you may be eligible for

The Kent Young Adult Carer Pack are available to students in addition to any other support you may receive from other sources:

Student Loans

Student Loans

Full-time undergraduate students are able to apply to Student Finance England for a tuition fee loan to cover the costs of study and a maintenance loan for general living costs.

Part-time undergraduate students starting from 2012 to 2017 are able to apply to Student Finance England for a tuition fee loan to cover the costs of study only. Part-time undergraduate students who started from 2018 onwards are able to apply to Student Finance England for a tuition fee loan to cover the costs of study and a maintenance loan for general living costs.

For further information, click on the Undergraduate links to the left, or visit the Student Finance England web pages


Access to Learning Fund

Access to Learning Fund

This fund is available to students throughout their time of study, to provide additional support to help them remain in higher education.

The fund is discretionary, so we cannot guarantee that you will receive an award, but if you are experiencing financial difficulty, speak to an adviser in the Kent Union Advice Centre, who can help you apply.

For more information, go to our Access to Learning Fund pages.


Disabled Students Allowances

Disabled Students Allowances

If you have a disability you may be entitled to extra financial help towards the costs of the following:

  • specialist equipment
  • non-medical helpers
  • extra travel costs
  • other extra course-related costs due to your disability

Disabilities covered include long-term illnesses, mental-health conditions or specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

If you qualify for Disabled Students’ Allowances, they’re paid on top of any standard student support you get. They are not affected by your household income, and you don’t have to pay them back.

For further information see


Kent Financial Support Package 2020

Kent Financial Support Package 2020

At Kent, we believe that all students who have the academic potential to benefit from our courses should have the opportunity to come to the University and we have established one of the most generous financial support schemes in the UK.

For 2020, Kent has a £4,500* financial support package for eligible students across three (or four where applicable) stages of study:

  • Stage 1: £1,500 (cash payment)
  • Stage 2: £1,500 (cash payment)
  • Stage 3: £1,500 (cash payment)

*Based on a full-time undergraduate three year degree programme. Students studying a four year programme will receive a further cash bursary of £1,500 for the fourth stage.

For further information see KFSP 2020



Useful Links

For further information about funding, grants, benefits and advice, the following sites and organisations may be of use to you:


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