FutureProof is the University of Kent's response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and builds on the successes of Green Impact and Green15 engaging staff and students to help deliver a University of the future. FutureProof provides a framework, challenging and supporting each University department to review their impacts against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and working to create positive change.

FutureProof aims to inspire individuals, departments and the whole University community to take action in ensuring that our estate, our curriculum and our students are ready for the future.

After launching in June 2018 FutureProof is celebrating it's first birthday with an annual report showcasing all the amazing projects that sustainability champions from across the University have been working on.

Read the report here.


What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The SDGs/Global Goals are 17 goals that outline the vision for a sustainable world by 2030. The 17 goals and underlying targets were created and signed by 193 countries at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in 2015. The goals seek to finish the job that was started by the Millennium Goals which ran from 2000 to 2015 and brought 850,000,000 people out of extreme poverty and yet saw carbon emissions increase by 9,850,000 kilotons.

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How does FutureProof work?

The sustainability team will engage with each department to promote the project and identify what benefits it could bring to that department. We will also work with that department to identify a key individual that could act the department’s Sustainability Champion.

The Sustainability Champions are the key to the projects success therefore training is at the heart of the project. A series of 101s will run throughout the year on key issues e.g. climate change, resource use, supply chains, food, etc… There will also be skills workshops that focus on communication, leadership, marketing, systems thinking and problem solving.  For these skills workshops sustainability will be used as the theme, however, these skills are transferable to a wide variety of workplace needs for staff and students.

Once a champion is in place the sustainability team will work with the champion to design bespoke actions and objectives for the department based on the department's impact, priorities and timescales.

For more information about project visit the project sharepoint or email

Sustainability Champions

Find out more about this exciting and crucial role.

Student Goals Ambassadors

Gain employability points and knowledge around sustainability

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