Wellbeing Map

Trees in a woodland area

Wellbeing Map

Welcome to the Wellbeing Map

Discover a range of relaxing activities, and navigate the different wellbeing zones on campus, including mindful music playlists, poetry, walks, and seasonal activities. 

Download the Wellbeing Map here (PDF 1.77 MB)

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Biodiversity Walk

Follow the scenic route all around the campus, alone or with friends, and find out more about each location.

Kent Community Oasis Garden (Kent COG)

Playlists, blogs, and seasonal activities to help you relax.

Crab and Winkle Footpath

Playlists, blogs, and seasonal activities to help you relax.  

Yellow Daffodils in the foreground, grass, and a farmhouse in the background.

Beverley Farmhouse Pond

One of the seven ponds on campus, find out more about this natural farm pond.

Keynes Pond

Check out this poem at Keynes Pond.  


Upper Eliot Pond and the Bluebell Woods

Take on the 5 senses challenge at these stunning locations.

A pond and woodland.

Lower Eliot Pond and Quercus Genius

Find out more about biodiversity at Lower Eliot Pond, and the Quercus Genius.  

Southern Orchard

South of campus, lies the remains of an old orchard.

Hay Meadow and the Labyrinth

A slight detour from the Biodiversity walk, but this scenic view of Canterbury Cathedral if a must!  

Southern Slopes Overlook

Rest up on this scenic stop.

Darwin Rose Garden

Visit the rose garden next to Darwin college.  

A bison mural.

Bison Mural

Activities will be available in June 2022, but check out the information for the Bison Mural.

A blocked off tunnel entrance.

Crab and Winkle Railway Tunnel

Try the challenge at the first purpose-built railway tunnel in Great Britain.  

Brotherhood Wood

Enjoy your surroundings with relaxing audio.  

A tree trunk with moss growing on it, and dirt surrounding it, and trees in the background.

Remnant Ancient Woodland

Enjoy these activities in the pockets of ancient woodland on campus. 

A duck in a pong with branches in the background.

Jennison Pond

Guided meditation exercises at the Willow Pod.

Park Wood

A playlist to enjoy whilst you explore Park Wood.