What is the Chaplaincy for?

Our Chaplaincy provides spiritual support and facilities for students and staff of all faiths and none. The Chaplains lead worship and run social and educational events.

The Chaplaincy Team is multi-faith, serving various Christian traditions as well as the Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist communities. The Chaplains can provide information and advice about all aspects of the religious traditions they represent. They are also available to offer appropriate support to any student - whatever the circumstances.

The University also produces Religion Guidelines, which give practical advice about issues which may affect staff and students relating to their individual and communal religious and cultural needs.

Chaplaincy Events

All are welcome to attend our Chaplaincy social events, joining at any time throughout the year. If you have any questions

“Some people aren’t religious at all; other people are too busy following their own faith and don’t have much time to learn about different beliefs. But surely we owe it to one another to share and celebrate the things which are really important to us.

"Here at the University of Kent we take Interfaith Week seriously, with a series of special events held every November. Meanwhile our faith leaders and representatives get along well, and hope that students of different faiths and cultures are able to do the same”.

Revd Dr Stephen Laird, University Chaplain