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Carol Service

Information and tickets for the Universities annual carol service held in Canterbury Cathedral.

University Carol Service in Canterbury Cathedral 2022

The biggest gathering of students and staff from the whole of the University takes place each December at the University Carol Service. Organised by the Chaplaincy and students from church groups and religious societies on campus, nearly 2000 people attend a memorable evening of readings, carols and choral singing in the awe-inspiring atmosphere of Canterbury Cathedral.

The 2022 Carol Service is on Monday 12th December at 7.30pm. Although the event is free of charge, admission to the Cathedral on the night is by previously-issued, paper ticket only because of the demand for seats.

This year's appeal, for homelessness charity Porchlight, is online only via the Justgiving platform.

How to Get Your Tickets


Collect your tickets from the foyer of the Grimond Building (behind the Templeman Library) at:

Students may collect up to three tickets per ID shown. You can bring along someone else's ID and get additional tickets. We are offering two distribution times so that as many students as possible have a fair chance of getting a ticket, regardless of their timetable commitments.

Special arrangements are made for students with disabilities. They are asked to contact Revd Dr Stephen Laird


Please e-mail their requests for tickets to Revd Dr Stephen Laird between now and Friday 2 December. Please e-mail your requests rather than leaving a telephone message! Staff requests for up to four tickets per application will be accepted and you will receive your tickets (subject to availability) on or before Tues 6th December.

Please note that demand for tickets for the University Carol Service, from both students and staff, continues to increase. Meanwhile, due to fire regulations, seating-space in the Cathedral Nave has been slightly reduced.

How to Get Involved

Every year we welcome offers from students who would like to act as Volunteer Stewards at the Carol Service. Volunteer Stewards are given duties to perform, such as issuing programmes, checking tickets etc., and are instructed to sit in their designated places at the Carol Service.

Volunteer Stewards do not need to queue for tickets, but need to be available for a training session at 5:15pm on Thursday 8th December OR at 5:15pm on Friday 9th December. Most will also be needed at the Cathedral from 2:30pm-3:30pm on Monday 12th December, and from 6:30pm that evening (i.e. 60 minutes before the service starts).

We plan to have appointed these helpers before the general issue of tickets (which starts in the week beginning Monday 5 December) so volunteers will know that they do not have to queue themselves. If you are interested in volunteering for this rewarding role, please e-mail Revd Dr Stephen Laird as soon as possible.

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