Crab and Winkle Path

A path surrounded by woodland.

Crab and Winkle Footpath

Did you know?

The Crab and Winkle Way is a 7.6-mile route connecting Canterbury and Whitstable, with splendid views and ancient woodland. Why not take a bike ride?

On the way to Whitstable, the path passes through the Blean, with its 13th century Church of St Cosmus and St Damian, and Blean Woods, a delightful RSPB nature reserve covering more than 11 square miles, (Visit Canterbury, 2022).

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Someone riding a bike down a long route, with greenery around and trees in the background.

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A video of the route.

Mindfulness and Meditation Playlist (Spotify)

Visit the Crab and Winkle Pathway and enjoy this 19-hour playlist.

The Mindfulness & Meditation playlist is a mixture of calm instrumental tracks aimed to make one drift away and relax into a state of calm serenity and peaceful bliss and tranquility. Ideal to aid sleep and help the mind and soul. So sit down, chill out and get comfortable!    

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