Remnant Ancient Woodland

Remnant Ancient Woodland

The pockets of Ancient woodland on campus are remnants of when the Ancient Woodlands of Blean used to stretch across campus. Ancient woods in England are areas of woodland that have persisted since the 1600s with relatively little disturbance from humans.

This consistent tree cover that has lasted for hundreds of years has allowed unique and complex communities of plants, fungi, insects, and other microorganisms to develop. (Woodland Trust, 2022).

For more information, visit the Woodland Trust site below.

A squirrel in a tree

5 sense challenge

Mindfulness Activity

  1. Look around you and make note of five things, be sure to use different senses: sound, sight, smell, touch.
  2. Reflect on how these things may change over time and as the season's change.
  3. Now consider five things that you are grateful for. Think of how these may have also changed over time and reflect on future things you may be grateful for.

Did you know?

Just 2.5% of UK land is covered in ancient woodland, making us incredibly lucky to have this on campus. Common species associated with ancient woodlands can be found on campus, such as Common Bluebells, Wood anemone, Primrose, and Wood Sorrel.  

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