Upper Eliot Pond and Bluebell Woods

The bluebell woods. Trees and bluebells along a dirt path.

Upper Eliot Pond and Bluebell Woods

Did you know?

Upper Eliot Pond is a small to medium-sized pond that is located close to University Road and the Venue within a mixed deciduous woodland, the Bluebell Woods. A stream runs from Upper Eliot down to Lower Eliot Pond, a small to medium pond that is located to the south of Bluebell wood next to a footpath that runs down the southern slopes of the campus.

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Positive Energy

Try the Meditation exercise at the pond.

A white flower, with flowers and leaves in the background.

5 senses challenge

Mindfulness Activity

  1. Look around you and make note of five things, be sure to use different senses: sound, sight, smell, touch.
  2. Reflect on how these things may change over time and as the season's change.
  3. Now consider five things that you are grateful for. Think of how these may have also changed over time and reflect on future things you may be grateful for.

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