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Year in Computing

The Year in Computing is run by Kent’s School of Computing for students already studying at Kent. It offers a great opportunity to develop your understanding of computer science and gain skills that are highly sought after by employers.

Why take a Year in Computing?

Familiarity with computing technologies is an asset whatever field you plan to work in. It's also a fascinating subject to discover and can open up new perspectives on your main subject area.

You can take the Year in Computing either between Stage 2 and Stage 3 of your degree or at the end of Stage 3. You’ll develop coding skills, learn how to create user-friendly computer systems and discover how to analyse data. 

The course

This specially designed, self-contained, one-year programme concentrates its teaching around web technologies. 

Working with web technologies means you are exposed to an entire collection of software. This means understanding computer operating systems and networks, learning a programming language, storing and manipulating data, and integrating with a web server. At the front-end, it means producing web pages using HTML, CSS and Javascript that work well, look good and are easy to interact with.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you are a current Kent undergraduate who:

  • is interested in studying computing and your degree
  • would like to get prepared for a career in tech
  • is interested in exploring the frontiers of your subject and computing
  • wants to learn how to be creative with computing.

If you're interested and want to know more, read our blog, where you'll find lots more information or email CEMSyearin@kent.ac.uk 

How to apply

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