Year in Computing

The Year in Computing is run by Kent’s School of Computing for students already studying at Kent. It offers a great opportunity to develop your understanding of computer science and gain skills that are highly sought after by employers.

Why take a Year in Computing?

Are you keen to learn the tech skills that will make you stand out to a graduate employer and enable new career opportunities? Year in Computing will give you the skills you need to get into a field that is increasingly underpinning much of modern economy, science and culture. 

You can take the Year in Computing either between Stage 2 and Stage 3 of your degree or at the end of Stage 3. You’ll develop coding skills, learn how to create user-friendly computer systems and discover how to analyse data. 

Students who successfully complete the Computing year and their home degree will graduate ‘with a Year in Computing‘. The full transcript of your degree results will include your marks for the Year in Computing, as evidence of your achievement for potential employers.  

How to apply

Applications for September 2024 have now closed. For more information, please contact

Miles Pitt - Year In Computing  

The course

This specially designed, one-year programme is accessible to all students with an interest in developing the skills in computing to further your career and passion. A computing background is not necessary. The course is taught on the Canterbury campus.

You will be exposed to a full range of computing technologies, ranging from web programming to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Along the way, you will understand computer operating systems, networks, learn a programming language, master working with data and the development of web servers and web sites.  Thanks to the extensive coverage of the web, you will be ready to build your own web services using HTML, CSS and JavaScript that not only look good, but are designed with user needs in mind.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you are a University of Kent undergraduate student who: 

  • is currently in Stage 2 or Stage 3 of their degree
  • averaging 50% or above in their current degree programme.

Two groups of students are not eligible:

  • students from the School of Computing
  • students from the School of Psychology.

If your degree is accredited with a professional body, you will need to confirm with your home Division that this can include the option of a Year in Computing.


The range of available modules gives you the chance to tailor the course to match your interests and future career plans. The following four pathways illustrate the options we offer:

Web Programming - Do you want to become a web developer or build your own online business? 

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence - Do you want to analyse data or work in business intelligence? 

Computational Science - Do you want to apply computational methods in sciences or humanities? 

User Interface & Design - Do you want to build computer systems that truly reflect user needs? 


What qualification does this lead to?

Students who successfully complete the Computing year and their home degree will graduate ‘with a Year in Computing‘. The full transcript of your degree results will include your marks for the Year in Computing, as evidence of your achievement for potential employers.

How does this affect my current degree?

Your degree classification will depend on your main degree subject and not the Year in Computing which is a pass/fail year. If you pass the year, you will get ‘with a Year in Computing‘ added to your degree title. If you fail, you will drop back to your current degree. You do not risk your current degree classification by doing the year.

Please talk to staff in your home School about whether adding a Year in Computing will affect your accreditation or not.

What will this cost me?

The Year in Computing should be viewed simply as an additional year of study, making a three-year degree into a four-year degree. If you pay your own tuition fees, then you will have to pay for an extra year. For those eligible, student loans should normally be available for all four years. However, it is your responsibility to check with the Loan Authority that they will continue to give you financial support on the new programme.  

Can I extend my visa to do the Year in Computing? 

International students wishing to add the Year in Computing course will be approved on a case by case basis in accordance with UK immigration regulations and the University’s Student (Tier 4) policy on Academic Progression and Change of Course. You also need to be aware that you may need to return home overseas to apply for a new visa to add the year to your degree.

How is the course assessed?

Except for the project, modules on the Year in Computing are assessed by a mixture of coursework and unseen examinations. Coursework is typically practical in nature, with deadlines spaced throughout the module.

Would I gain the same knowledge on a Master’s course as on the Year in Computing?

You can study for a conversion Master’s in Computer Science if you have a good degree in another subject and neither this Master’s nor the Year in Computing assumes any prior knowledge of computing. However, the content of the two programmes and the way they are funded are quite different. Both of these programmes will equip you for a tech-based career. It is important that you consider which is the most appropriate for you

Can I take a Year in Computing as a postgraduate student?

Unfortunately not. The programme is only open to current Kent undergraduates, not Master’s or PhD students. 

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