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Mihaela Varzari is undertaking a PhD at the Department of History of Art, where she pursues her research in contemporary art through analyzing current ideology and subjectivity formation. Her focus on artist collectives after ’89 makes use of narcissism, as it has been theorized in psychoanalysis, in order to raise new questions on the issue of autonomy of art within the western world. What are the possibilities of solidarity when the pursuit of radical artistic practices, she argue, is the new self-inflicted injunction, as opposed to the counterculture of previous decades?

She has previously studied at Birkbeck College where she completed an MA in History of Art and also Goldsmith College. She is a contributor to Revista ARTA (Bucharest), published with IDEA arts+society (Cluj) and (London), plus a number of catalogue essays. She is a peer-reviewer for Skepi, (online journal based in the School of European Culture and Languages, University of Kent) and member of UAP (Romanian Artists Union).

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Research Interests

Provisional title: Reframing the social space of artist collectives (after 1989)

She holds an MA in History of Art from Birkbeck College and has published for a number of art magazines and catalogues.

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