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Alaina Schempp holds Bachelor’s in Film & Video Studies and English Language & Literature from the University of Michigan, where she also minored in Screenwriting, as well as a Research Master’s in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam. She has worked in Los Angeles, California as a video editor and screenwriter’s assistant. Her feature-length screenplay PENNY has won several awards including the Avery Hopwood Award for Best Screenplay, the Leonard and Eileen Newman Prize in Dramatic Writing, and the Peter and Barbara Benedek Award for Best Screenplay. She is currently working towards a PhD in Film Studies at the University of Kent. Her thesis dissertation, which is supervised by Prof. Murray Smith and Dr. Margrethe Bruun Vaage, focuses on the poetics of time and timing in contemporary cinema. This dissertation examines the emotional affects of time and timing on contemporary genre films including comedy, horror, and suspense-thriller films.

Alaina has taught on various undergraduate modules including Film Style (FI313), Hollywood Studios (FI314), Introduction to Film Theory (FI315), Postwar American Cinema (FI531), Documentary Film (FI602), and Television Series: Narration, Engagement, and Evaluation (FI622). She currently teaches Introduction to Filmmaking (FI308/9) and Film Editing (FI628).

Her research interests include cinematic timing and temporality, emotion and cognition, philosophy of film, film as philosophy, screenwriting, and editing.



Murray Smith

Margrethe Bruun Vaage

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Research Interests

Time and the Moving Image: The Philosophy of Cinematic Time and the Aesthetics of Temporality in Narrative Film. back to top

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